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Cascione & Lusciov


Mirror Polished White Bronze Lost-Wax Cast

37.5 (L) x 17 (W) x 5.8 (H) cm, Circa Weight: 5.5 kg

Artist's studio

The study of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has demonstrated the presence of complex primordial ingredients that may have contributed to the creation of life. Artists Cascione &Lusciov have thus come to the knowledge of Abiogenesis, that is, the study of how organic life on Earth has had non-biological origins, and hypothetically, in other places in the universe.

The origin of primordial life forms is expressed by the artists through the use of white bronze, a color that symbolises the principle of the vital phase, while the uniqueness of cosmic activity is mirrored in the same uniqueness of the work as a bespoke piece, through the great complexity of its realisation.

The concept of birth is formally conveyed through the use of soft curves that create a succession of roundness that can be traced back to that of the Great Mother. The design of the sculpture is able to synthesize formal complexity, biomorphism and three-dimensionality that  relates to the theories about the first forms of life that appeared on Earth, which, through evolution in the course of the ages, have passed from unicellular organisms to more complex multicellular organisms.

Cascione &Lusciov wanted to make a plastic interpretation of scientific theories that study the birth of life, creating works that seek to answer the questions that these theories have dragged on for centuries.

Unique work

Signed and dated on the verso