Diana Malivani

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Diana Malivani


Oil on canvas

70 x 100 x 2 (cm)

Created by Artist Diana Malivani, Owned by Great White Rabbit Art Gallery


Art Project "Seeing The Invisible" The artwork «Bureaucracy» (part of the Art Project «Seeing The Invisible») makes reference to a theme which Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, Max Weber and many other authors theorized about. Despite the fact that government administrations (bureaucracies) are necessary and do have merits, the word «bureaucracy» has developed negative connotations, since being coined, and is frequently associated with inefficiency, convolution, inflexibility, and dehumanization. *** We can hardly see the invisible; for example, those children’s puzzles which have objects hidden in a picture. We saw none of these things until we really began searching for them in unlikely places. They had been invisible to us, but before long we began to see the invisible. In her book «Exploring the Invisible: Art, Science, and the Spiritual», Lynn Gamwell shows how modern science has transformed modern art and reveals that the world beyond the naked eye - made visible by advances in science - has been a major inspiration for artists ever since. In his book «Seeing the Invisible», Michel Henry uncovers the philosophical significance of Wassily Kandinsky’s revolution in painting: that abstract art reveals the invisible essence of life and overturns our conceptions about art, because it seeks to express the internal aspect of phenomena, in other words, to paint the invisible. *** The Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by Great White Rabbit (GWR) Art Gallery. *** FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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