Imagination 9-2289

Chris Calvet

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Chris Calvet

Imagination 9-2289

Digital photography


Paris, France

Gama Gallery - Capadoccia, Turkey Glacier 3000 Gstaad - Gstaad, Switzerland Pavillon de France - Chengdu, China

This Chinese character 想 means "Thought, imagination". Visual artist Chris Calvet created this monumental calligraphy with Chinese ink and acrylic. He then photographed the model Lady Heroine who merges with the Sign. The curves of the body and the calligraphy lines form only One (No photomontage). This work is part of the artistic research "SIGN" of the artist. Chris Calvet's photographs are a tribute to the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy with an innovative contemporary approach. These works constitute a bridge which connects the East and the West. Printing : Art photography (edition in 2 copies). Original work accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and an ArtTrust certified chip. Development: Fine Art Lisse Harman by Hanemulhe 315gr (Charcoal Ink) laminated on Dibond of 3 mm, flush aluminum frame and wall hanging.

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Signed and numbered on the verso


Conceptual Art