Nikolay Aleksandrovich Maltsev (1924-2010)

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Nikolay Aleksandrovich Maltsev (1924-2010)


Oil on canvas

150 x 300 cm (1,5х3 meters)

Art examination on the picture: Romashchenko Vasiliy Markovich: Author of scientific articles on the restoration, attribution and examination of works of art, art restorer painting I category. He worked at the National Research Restoration Center of Ukraine in Kiev and at the Center for Restoration and Expertise of the Kiev-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve.

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Sec - Nikolay Aleksandrovich Maltsev (1924-2010).
Name - Picture "The beginning of spring."
School - Ukraine. Zhytomyr 2000s.
Base - Canvas. Technique - Oil.
The size is 150 x 300 cm.

The painting depicts a wide Polissya landscape in the Zhytomyr region in early spring. The snow has already disappeared from the hilly, wooded plain, but its remains are still visible in places among the bushes and trees. The warm sun generously warms the earth that was reddened from last year’s grass and the quiet blue expanse of the Teteriv River, whose shores are overgrown with dark green pines. On their background, thin trunks of tall white birch trees with blossoming buds stand out clearly, as if inviting people to walk along untrodden paths.

The picture is painted in oil on a large large canvas 150 x 300 cm in size in a wide pictorial manner without unnecessary detail, with generalized expressive strokes. This vivid, memorable image of the spring of Polissya was created by the talented hand of the remarkable Ukrainian landscape painter Nikolai Maltsev.

He was born in 1924 in Irkutsk, Russia, died in 2010 in Zhytomyr. In 1951-1955 studied at the Kharkov Art School, with the famous Ukrainian masters A. of Constantinople and A. Slipchenko. Since 1955 a member of the Zhytomyr Society of Artists. Since 1967 he has participated in many republican and all-Union exhibitions, has been a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1972, and has been an Honored Artist of Ukraine since 1983.

Maltsev painted landscapes, portraits, still lifes, genre paintings, but is best known as a landscape painter-lyricist, a master of the emotional depiction of nature in all its beauty and originality. Among his best works can be called canvases: "In Polesie", "River Grouse", Silence ", 1988," First Green ", 1995," Zhytomyr Church ", 1995," Polesskaya Autumn ", 2000," On the Slopes of Teterev " , 2003, “Zhytomyr Region”, 2004 and many other works of the artist were repeatedly purchased by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, are in state cultural institutions, as well as private collections in Ukraine, Russia, France, England, Japan, and were featured at the Korners auction in Kiev, Dukat "," Golden Section ".

The landscape “Beginning of Spring” considered here is a large monumental canvas dedicated to the nature of Zhytomyshchyna. According to the owners, the picture was created by N.A. Maltsev specially commissioned by the Art Fund of Ukraine for the Zhytomyr flax factory, which currently does not exist. This was evidenced by a paper label on the back of the picture, on the frame of the stretcher (lost).

Visually, in style, painting style and technology, this picture is fully consistent with the work of N. And. Maltsev period 1990-2000 This is one of the best works of the artist, reflecting his bright creative talent. As the closest analogies can be called pictures N.A. Maltsev: “River Teteriv”, 2000, “Autumn”, 2004, “Autumn Day”, 2004, “Outskirts of Zhytomyr”, 2004, and other works by the artist from museum and private collections.

As a true hand-written work of the honored artist of Ukraine Nikolai Maltsev, the picture is of high museum, art and collection value.

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