the ,,Imagine”

L. Kempe Price on request

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L. Kempe

the ,,Imagine”

Pencil, watercolors, glaze, wood

Length: 19,68 inches (50 cm), width 17,78 inches (41 cm), thickness 0,79 inches (2 cm)

Private collection, Latvia

From 2013 up to 2017. Latvia-Riga, Lithuania-Vilnius, As art collection part for chorus

The ,,Imagine" was created as an art work, which takes a glance, allows us to solace and take a deep brief for shorter or longer rest. Take a minute for a play of imagination!

Pay attention on the look of the girl:
,, ....i“It’s a look at Earth as we know it. The girl in the picture holds a dandelion in her right hand, guiding her wishes and decisions. The picture holds so much spiritual energy."

People are able to associate, discuss, think about the girls and dandelions coherence, that's why the designation of this art work was called the,,Imagine". This picture has some spiritual energy. You can feel it during original view of the painting. Mysterious play of colors will pay attention of a real art lover or even ordinary person.

Picture was created as the one of fifteen art works, as a work from the collection. The author of picture is Mrs. L. Kempe which was born in 1975. Master of art. Her art works conveys the mood, colors of the time line and region where she was born, moreover allows to interpret the soul and feelings of her paintings.

Picture was created on the wooden base. Art creation was proceeded by pencil, watercolors and special glaze technique. This technique ensures charming appearance and protects from the pollution.

Unique work

Signed and dated on the verso


Emerging Artists

Vilnius Lithuania

Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania