Ariums (series)

Myvanwy Gibson

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Myvanwy Gibson

Ariums (series)

Painting / mixed media (pigments, polymers, enamel, acrylic glass, headphone jack/cord, coral). Box framed in Italian tulip wood.

Each piece is 500 x 500mm

All works are currently located in Milan, Italy at the artists studio. Each work has a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the piece described is an original artwork and includes artist name, title and image of work, and signature of the artist.

The suffix ‘arium’ is often used to denote a location or receptacle that is an artificial environment for the thing it holds (think vivarium, herbarium, aquarium). Working for many years with transparent support (plexiglas) exposed me to the idea of the dialectical consciousness, which led to my interest in Ontology, or the philosophy of becoming. I continue to explore the creative relationship between human and non-human intelligences in the making of art. Please note the listed price does not include shipping costs. The listed price is for the series, however the works can also be purchased separately. They listed price for separate works is from $700-$750.

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Milano Italy