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Why ArtAndCollect?

ArtAndCollect is a global platform that allows collectors to post works for sale directly with no intermediary and no commission.

Conceived as a worldwide network of art players, ArtAndCollect was created as an alternative route to traditional galleries and auction houses, providing the framework for buyers and sellers to start their own conversations, and take sales into their own hands, interacting directly with other collectors. This interaction is what separates ArtAndCollect from other ventures as the go-to platform for those wishing to establish more direct relationships within an online community and a space to express their interests.

ArtAndCollect offers a unique opportunity to private collectors to offer their works for sale, seeking to provide more transparent and direct access to the market. The site is funded by a subscription based system which is activated only after the second piece of work is listed for sale. The site is also open to galleries and more established art dealers, further expanding the community and access provided to users of the site.

Zero commission

We believe in zero commission for sales at ArtAndCollect; simply pay a set fee to post works on the site. We have a range of packages to choose from to best suit your selling needs.

Direct Contact with Buyers

ArtAndCollect is all about negotiating and selling directly without an intermediary. Users can receive the contact details of potential buyers direct to their personal email address. Once signed up, users can view the details of fellow collectors and contact them directly.

International Reach

We have a global reach with 35% of traffic coming from the Americas, 30% from Europe, 25% from Asia and Australia and 10% from Africa and the Middle-East.

Our Packages



per year
  • Basic package
  • Users can create an account and post one work for free for 365 days.
  • Listed work can be viewed by everyone.
  • If the work remains unsold after 365 days it will be automatically taken down.
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$ 199

per year
  • Users can create an account and list up to 10 individual works.
  • Listed works can be viewed by everyone.
  • If the work remains unsold after 365 days it will be automatically taken down.
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$ 499

per year
  • Full package
  • Users can create an account and list an unlimited number of works for sale over the course of 365 days.
  • Listed works can be viewed by everyone.
  • An unlimited number of works can be posted for sale.
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Sell Your Work

ArtAndCollect is currently free to join, simply create an account and post one artwork. We operate on a no commission policy, each seller simply pays a package fee to list their works for sale on the site for a year. Currently the first work for sale is free to post.

Selling work on ArtAndCollect can be completed in a few simple steps. All we ask for are details of the work, including: the medium, dimensions, edition, location and condition. We recommend sellers use high resolution images of the work in order to better show the condition of the piece.


The quick and easy steps are:
Register / Login
Provide a description of the work
Upload an image of the work
Preview the submission
Submit for sale


All works posted on ArtAndCollect are public and can be viewed by all visitors to the site. Start your journey now and discover a wide range of exclusive and unique pieces by established and emerging artists.


By registering your interest in ArtAndCollect and creating a profile you can compile your own wish-list of works, follow your favourite artists and share your lists with other users on the website and across social media networks.

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Frequently asked questions

Creating an account is easy, simply click on Register and follow the steps.

You can browse all available works on the homepage. You can search by medium, artist or title of a work. If you want to narrow down your search you can input all relevant information into our custom filters.

We require users to have an account in order to connect with each other. It is then the responsibility of the buyer to verify and carry out any sales.

If you are just browsing, your profile will remain private. If you do decide you would like to post a work for sale then your profile will automatically be shown to all registered users. Here at ArtAndCollect we believe in full transparency when selling art, best achieved with public profiles.

Of course, you decide how and under which conditions you sell a work.

Your personal dashboard allows you to manage all your listed works for sale. Allowing you to edit or remove any of your posts at any time. Removing a listing is as easy as a click on the delete button shown below the artwork listed in your personal dashboard.

Shipping arrangements should first be discussed with the buyer, as ArtAndCollect do not offer a formal shipping service. However, the ArtAndCollect team have vast experience in international art shipping and one of our experts would be happy to help you schedule and organise a shipment. Our first two recommendations are to ensure that the works are properly insured before shipment and that the appointed art mover is a member of ICEFAT.

Your ArtAndCollect subscription can be paid with PayPal or with any international credit card.

Viewing before buying a work is important. We recommend you carry out due-diligence on the seller and the work they are selling. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, the risk of transaction is on you. We do not guarantee the completeness and the accuracy of the information listed on our site.

If you want to know more about authenticity of a piece then feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Our team can recommend a third-party expert to aid in artwork authentication or condition report for both sellers and buyers.

By submitting your work to ArtAndCollect you allow permission for images of work to be promoted across social media channels owned by ArtAndCollect and its subsidiaries. This in no way affects your rights of sale and promotion of work is limited to images posted on ArtAndCollect only.