N.A. Kozlova

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N.A. Kozlova


Lacquer miniature

8 x 3,5 cm

Limited edition reproduction. Licensed by State Museum of Palekh Art

"Guslar" Author: A.I. Vatagin | 1932 State Museum of Palekh Art Licensed museum reproduction DUHANIN workshop | 2018 Limited edition of 100 pieces only Papier-mache, enamel, egg tempera, gold, lacquer d8x3,5 cm Limited edition of 100 pieces Branded gift packaging with DUHANIN logo Brand new reproduction of Alexey Vatagin lacquered box created in 1932, crafted by DUHANIN workshop in collaboration with the State Museum of Palekh Art. Limited edition of maximum 100 pieces. Each box has been approved by a special Art & Museum Committee. Contains stamp logos of the DUHANIN workshop and the Museum. Exceptional collectible item for your collection and excellent gift to cherish for many years ahead. Good family memorabilia to be passed on to new generations!

1 of 100

Signed and numbered on the verso