INFLUENCER (Conceptual Pop Art)

Super Pop Boy

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Super Pop Boy

INFLUENCER (Conceptual Pop Art)

Acrylic on canvas

150 x 150 x 2 cm

Private collection

2019 INFLUENCER, The Ballery, Berlin-Schöneberg

New painting 'INFLUENCER", size 150x150 cm (59x59 inch), is inspired by the phenomenon of influencers in social networks, by the magazine for preschool children “Bussi bear" and by the artist Michel Majerus. Painted in bright neon colors Bussi bear smiles at the viewer, equipped with a painter's hat, a paint bucket and a brush. Next to him is a cute blue dreamy looking dog and a cute mouse writing something on the wall behind. On the wall you can see a painted house, the word "Bello" and the equation 2 + 2 = 5. In the upper left corner is a stylized green flower, a quote from a work by the painter Michel Majerus. The following questions were asked by the viewers of the painting: Starting from the word Influencer they looked for a reference in the painting. Is Bussi bear as the main character the influencer? Is Bussi bear a symbol for an artist and can an artist be an influencer? Or is the painting more about the media (here children's magazines) and their role as an influencer? What does it mean when media manipulate infants? On the wall is 2 + 2 = 5, mathematically wrong, so fake news. What does fake news mean in children's magazines? And how do we deal with it? Or is the equation for anarchy that advertises for not leading the life mathematically objective and calculated but intuitive and subjective?

Unique work

Signed and dated on the verso


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