Jug With A Handle In The Shape Of A Duck’s Head


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Jug With A Handle In The Shape Of A Duck’s Head


H : 16.5 cm

This Jug With A Handle In The Shape Of A Duck’s Head was carved from a thin and tall fragment of alabaster, finely furrowed with undulated, almost horizontal veins that randomly decorate the surface. The slender shape recalls that of a small column, but the walls are slightly rounded. The jug tapers in the upper part, forming a flared neck and a flat lip. The inside of the jug is cylindrical and regular, the bottom is flat.

The curved handle attached to the shoulder shows a very specific feature, since it is shaped like the head of a duck, whose eyes and mouth are indicated by incisions. Although rare, the presence of such a protome is yet attested on other alabaster vessels, both in the early 2nd millennium B.C. and in the following millennium.

In ancient Egypt, stone vases were regarded as luxury goods. They were mostly found in the royal tombs and in the graves of the highest ranking members of society. Stone carving has a very long technical tradition and dates back to the Pre-Dynastic period already.

These hermetic, thick-walled vessels were generally used to store and preserve ointments or cosmetic oils. These substances had various everyday uses (medicines), but also played a prominent role in religious rites (offerings, daily anointing of the statues, etc.).

Complete and in very good condition; superficial wear on the surface, minor chips.

Unique work



Genève Switzerland

Rue Etienne-Dumont 9, Geneva, Switzerland