Jan Tervoort

Detailed information of ArtWork

Jan Tervoort


Acrylic lacquer with wallpaint and epoxy on wood

40 x 60 cm

The Netherlands

The works of Jan Tervoort are sold by his agent and several international gallery's and on all Affordable Art Fairs worldwide. Jan was a participant in the Amsterdam Light Festival and was choosen to join an artproject by Huayi Brothers the largest Art and Culture Company of China, in 2021.

Jan Tervoort regularly gives interviews to newspapers and art magazines about his work proces: Floatism!

All works of Jan Tervoort are originals and layered with transperent layers and therefore difficult to photograph well. The depht in his work can only be seen live.

Unique work

Signed and dated on the verso



Paltrokmolen 6, Purmerend, Netherlands